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"A new bookmark for my browser has been added!"
Tom Pickhardt, President of Risk Information, Inc.,

"It is very well done. Not only is it informative, but is equally pleasing to the eye."
Robert Buisson, Student,

"The truly global nature of IP Law is greatly enhanced by your efforts. Keep up the good work."
Bill McFarlane, Australian Patent Attorney,

"Great Page. I will be back, and provide a link to it on the page I am working on right now."
Robert Bohanek, Student Webmaster,

"This page will be at the top of my list of law-related web sites. Thanks for the service."
Salvador J. Antonetti-Stutts, Attorney,

"Nice site. I was looking for a technology law page, and when I came across yours, I thought I had made a mistake. It was far too well organized, with excellent layout compared with the other legal Web pages I have seen today. Then I saw that you were a EE in your former life, and I realized that you just had "natural" talent. My background is aerospace engineering, and I am doing a little Web research for a friend of mine. I am glad I stopped here. I liked the stock quote site - thanks."
John C. Durrett, Engineer,

"Your site is most impressive and a great resource. I will look forward to future visits."
Jane Levine, Attorney,

"I'm a patent attorney with a firm in Houston handling both litigation and prosecution matters both for fee, and occasionally on contingency. I have seen quite a few IP sites springing up. Yours is by far the best."
Darin Duphorne, Patent Attorney,

"Keep up the good work. Your unselfish contribution is greatly appreciated."
Lewis W. Page, Jr., Attorney,

"I'm writing a comment on patent v. copyright protection of software in the EU, and your page has been a tremendous resource. Thanks!"
David O'Connor, Student,

"This is a really useful collection of information sources. I'm new to the internet and just surfing, but your page is about the best I've found. Thanks for your efforts. "
Richard Murphy, Attorney,

"Very helpful site: well organised, compact. Made for use, not just recreation."
Julian Burnside QC, Australian Barrister,

"This looks like a great resource -- It's certainly one I'll be recommending to my students in Law of Mass Communication. Thanks for taking the initiative and pulling together such a great collection of resources."
Michael Turney, Communication Professor,

"Our company is in the midst of launching a new software product (our first). I found your home page to be very helpful. Thanks!"
Bob Watson, Marketing,

"Good information. Comprehensive."
Pete Nigh,

"The interest and passion you have for this medium is readily apparent. One of the best professional services home pages I have seen."
Bryan Hemley, Healthcare Consultant,

"This is a great resource. I am glad to have found it! It should be very helpful for me and my music and new media clients. It is great to know that there are other people out there who are into this stuff. Let's keep in touch."
Steven Masur, Attorney,

"Excellent resource which I will call to the attention of students taking my "Law and Technology" course Spring semester. Thanks!"
Howard G. Sachs, Law Professor,

"I am on the Editorial Board of Business Law Today. We are doing a pull out in the March-April issue on law related web sites. I have recommended inclusion of your site, which I utilize on a regular basis."
Margaret L. Milroy, Attorney,

"Good collection of links. Thanks for maintaining it so well."
Mike Lynd, Attorney,

"Thanks for maintaining a *great* legal reference site, one of the best on the Web. "I'll be back...""
John Erickson, Chief Scientist,

"Your page is an absolute knockout."
Thomas P. Erwin, Attorney,

"As an IP practitioner, this is truly a humbling site (sight?). I thank you for pulling all this together and commend you. My regards to L.A. - Lovely Atlanta. I will push my firm (Thompson & Knight - Dallas, Texas) to get our website up and running expressly so we can link up!"
Bruce Sostek, IP Attorney,

"We've added a link to our home page--it's great!"
Andrew A. Abeyta, Attorney,

"Extremely useful as I look at the legal ramifications of technology and technological innovation."
Ian Thomas, Policy Analyst,

"One of the best sites I've found! Due to the dazzling pace of change in the technology field and its subsequent effects in the legal area, sites like yours are an invaluable resource to staying on top of such developments. Its sites like yours that add the true value to the 'Net -- thanks for all your work!"
Douglas Green, Attorney,

"Jeff, the material you have assembled on this site is truly outstanding. It collects many diverse resourses which are useful not only to practicing lawyers but to others as well. Thanks for all your time that I know it takes to keep everything current and the Page inclusive of all that is which so rapidly becoming available on the Web. "
Thomas L. Crisman, Attorney,

"Your site is first on my list of bookmarks. The scope of resources you make available is an exceptional tool. Good work."
Alan Korpady, Attorney,

"This is one of the most comprehensive legal web sites I have seen, and I would like to commend you on your work."
Brett Kettlewell, Law Office Manager,

"Kuesterlaw is a very useful offer to inform about the technology transfer system in the USA, which is considered very effective in Germany"
Dr. Andreas Bohlen, Technology Transfer,

"Excellent job. I publish a newsletter called the Sentinel for clients and others, and plan to recommend your site highly in the forthcoming November issue. I'll send to you when complete. Thanks for such a fine service to the legal and business community, and to the general public."
Actual published text of the recommendation from the December 1995 issue of the Sentinel:
"The Web can give an individual or small business a much higher profile as well. A recent search on trademark law brought me to the Web page established by Jeffrey Kuester, a patent, copyright and trademark attorney with the Atlanta firm of Louis T. Isaf, P.C. Kuester has set an ambitious goal for himself: to create "the most comprehensive resource available on the Interent for information related to technology law." He has probably succeeded and, in the process, he may well have made himself known to thousands of professionals with an interest in this area, including the general counsel at leading technology companies. If those general counsel are not aware of this resource, they aren't doing their jobs. Kuester's home page ( provides summaries on patent and trademark issues, full texts of existing and proposed statutes, selected case law, Patent and Trademark Office publications, and an enormous array of other information on technology as well as more general legal issues. In all, I counted 265 links from Kuester's page to other Web sites, including a section in which he generously provides data on technology law firms other than his own."Larry Elkin, CPA/Financial Planner/Publisher,

"Hello! It's me again. I've explored your Webpage more thoroughly and all I can say is "WOW!!!" You've been extremely thorough! I believe your Webpage is indeed the most comprehensive one concerning Intellectual Property (IP). You've provided a virtual plethora of IP information right at your fingertips! The information is also concise and very organized. You even provided some articles on Internet that could prove most helpful to me. Thanks!"
Yolonda L. Cameron, Attorney

"This is the most useful site I have found on the net to date. Thank You."
Christine Johnson, Electronics Engineer,

" I realize how much effort the creation and maintenance of this resource this requires. Jeff, I don't understand where all of your energy comes from, but I certainly appreciate it."
Bill Asbell, Attorney,

"I am extremely impressed with your web page. I have given out your bookmark to several of my friends. Your thoughtful work product is a inspiration to other attorneys to set up their own home page."
David K. Line, Attorney,

"This site appears to be exactly what I've been looking for for months! Thank You for your hard work on this. I appreciate it!"
Mark E. Recznik, J.D., Editor/Manager

"This is the best technology law forum I've seen!"
Richard Cauley, Attorney,

"This page is very impressive. It is not easy to impress me but this is beyond anything that I ever expected from an attorney. I am not talking down to you, but, usually people cannot begin to master to professions."
Gerald Brooks, Engineer,

"Congratulations on the Webbernaut award, it is well deserved!"
David Loundy, Attorney,

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