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"An absolute must!!!! 10 thumbs up!!!!!"
Michael Landau, Law Professor,

"I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your first place finish in the National Law Journal's issue of 2/12. Your site truly deserves the award."
Lewis Rose, Attorney at Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn,,
Creator of the Net-Lawyers Mailing List and the Award-winning Advertising Law Internet Site

"Kuester has set an ambitious goal for himself: to create 'the most comprehensive resource available on the Interent for information related to technology law.' He has probably succeeded and, in the process, he may well have made himself known to thousands of professionals with an interest in this area, including the general counsel at leading technology companies. If those general counsel are not aware of this resource, they aren't doing their jobs. Kuester's home page provides summaries on patent and trademark issues, full texts of existing and proposed statutes, selected case law, Patent and Trademark Office publications, and an enormous array of other information on technology as well as more general legal issues. In all, I counted 265 links from Kuester's page to other Web sites, including a section in which he generously provides data on technology law firms other than his own."
Actual text published in The Sentinel, December 1995, by Larry Elkin, CPA/Financial Planner/Publisher,

"Jeff, this [MPEP] is a great addition to your site; I am unaware of any other place at the present time where the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure is available on the Web in any readily browsable form. Your web site has always been an important patent resource and this adds to its value. I imagine it was a lot of work, converting the document over from inconsistently formatted text (as provided by the USPTO) into HTML. The general public will benefit from that hard work. I wonder if visitor usage at your MPEP pages might end up costing more than you would like. Stating this differently, you are to be commended for donating to the general public not only your hard work in HTML-izing the Manual but also in absorbing the data transfer charges for your visitors. Again, my compliments on this important resource. I imagine a lot of people will make links to it."
Carl Oppedahl, Attorney at Oppedahl & Larson,, Creator of The Patent Law Information Server

"I have just come across your Webpage, and I wanted to extend my congratulations to you. I was really quite impressed by what you have done. The TLR is extremely rich, and a real asset to other lawyers who have an interest in technology law such as myself."
Jerry Kreindler, Attorney,

"Very thorough; seems very complete."
Steven Charloff, Consultant,

Sandra Cuttler, Attorney,

"Nice Job."
Zenon Bidzinski,

"Very comprehensive, useful even for foreign attorneys!"
Paulo Frank Coelho da Rocha, Attorney,

"Very helpful resource. Collects in one place myriad sources. Also arranges them in sensible and accessible hierarchy. Thanks for your effort!"
Jim Porter, College Professor,

"This is a wonderful resource for attorneys and laypeople alike. Keep up the good work and thanks."
Hugh L. Holt, Attorney, SXSK28A@PRODIGY.COM

" I'm a graduate student in Mass Communication writing a thesis on Government policy regarding the Internet, specifically, global integration. KUESTERLAW appears to be a great source of research information. Thanks."
Claudine Langan, Graduate Student,

"I will be back. I was fascinated by what you have gathered."
Richard H Pearse, Attorney,

"Your article on software patenting was just what I was looking for. Thanks very much for making it available."
Steven Lubar, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution,

"This is a terrific virtual law library. At NeXT Software, Inc. we consult KUESTERLAW often for the resources we need to analyze and solve real-world problems, especially when we want answers quickly."
Christopher Palermo, NeXT Software, Inc.,

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